Friday, 8 May 2015

The End and Beginning

The Virtual Environments Module came to an end yesterday as student's stood for the last time in front of the class to tell them how their making a charity go global went. Everyone did an out standing job and all though we all had different outcomes and different ways of doing things it was all a great success. It has been a every interesting time that I have spend exploring new forms of technology, virtual worlds and social networking platforms. Although at time it has been a challenge over all it has been a really great learning curve and experience. Its been a pleasure to be lectured by such knowledgeable and passionate people that have also been extremely welcoming, warm and easy to approach. Even though Second Life has not been quite for me and I am still deciding weather or not to stay on it, but you never know the day that I might understand its appeal more. The module has ultimately given me a greater knowledge of social networking, virtual worlds, collaborating and on-line branding and identity. I feel that this is something that will really benefit me not just now but in years to come. Its only the beginning of gaining more knowledge and understanding of technology and worlds with in worlds. 

From Me, My Avatar, and I, It's Over and Out. 

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