Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Group Project Update

Today my group for virtual environments module met up in Second Life to finalise our presentation for making a cause or charity go global. We discussed setting up out presentation but found it difficult as we had no presentation board to start putting our slides on. Because we are new to this software it had been a challenge in trying to put things together. Elly (ellymariec)  said that she would contact Dudley (dudleydreamscape) in hope that he would be able to send us a presentation board. In the mean time we have all started to put slides together for our presentation. Once we have the presentation slides, the group will meet again to put them together and practice our parts together. Elly is going to introduce the presentation and give background information on our cause and charity, Kerri (kbm27) is then going to speak about the social networking platforms we used, I am going to discuss the challenges we faced and finally Sophia (simonesh19) is going to talk about our success and failure. Here is a sneak peek of some of the slides that I put together today: 

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