Monday, 2 March 2015

Blogging About a Blog

Honda Motorcycles Blog

Motorcycles over the last year have become a big part of my life. It actually has very little to do with owning my own bike but because most of the time I am immersed in motorcycle videos, conversations or just generally around people that own a motorbike. Spending half my time in a house with a race bike in the dining room its hard not for motorcycles to have a place in my life. Therefore, I chose the Honda Motorcycle Blog partly because I own a Honda motorcycle and partly because it was one of the many blogs that popped up in my search.

Honda Motorcycles blog had a diverse amount of blogs on many different things. The thing I liked best about the blog was that it discussed and gave information about different motorcycles. First starting of with a description of the bike, info on what kind of rider would best suit the bike and how the bike handles. The post then went on to give a bit more detail about the bike such as height, weight, fuel capacity, suspension, brakes etc. Information that would probably be more of an interest to motorbike enthusiast or someone looking to purchase the bike in question. These blogs where short and kept to the point, which meant is was easy to read. However, the layout and structure was quite unapealing and lacked visual aids. Another thing that I found I didn't like about the blog it had many personal stories about motorcycles but a lot of them were suggesting that motorbikes , were 'Hard core' and dangerous therefore they were cool. Not something that I personally think should be promoted. Other blogs have tips on motorcycle insurance , discussed motorcycle tips and interview with passionate motorbikers. Over all the blog was interesting but lacked a good design format which could be developed to be more eye catching. The range of topics that it covered was good and was an easy read.

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