Monday, 23 March 2015

Is the Medium the Message??

Last weeks class (class 8) started off with a little bit of a blunder. As mention in the previous blog the designed reading for week 8 was  ‘From Prosumer to Produser: Understanding User-Led Content Creationby Prof Axel Bruns was a faulty linked and resulted in the class having little info in what was supposed to be discussed. Instead, the conversation was turned to Marshall Mcluhan’s idea that the ‘medium is the message’. This idea formed a debate round the class questioning whether or not the medium mattered. (Quite ironic seeing as the link we were sent didn't work....perhaps adding to the argument that the medium does matter? ). The question was also posed whether or not technology was an extension of the human body. It has been said that "An extension occurs when an individual or society makes or uses something in a way that extends the range of the human body and mind in a fashion that is new"(1) . When we use smartphones to connect to people, broaden our knowledge (web) or help in our mundane day to day functions we are therefore directly connected to the digital world through our finger tips. It becomes a part of your very being, whether acknowledged or not.  "The spade is similar to the cupped hand, only it is stronger, less likely to break, and capable of removing more dirt per scoop than the hand. A microscope, or telescope is a way of seeing that is an extension of the eye."(2) this idea reflects similarly to digital technology. 

Most of the class agreed that the medium did matter, with smart phones being the dominant example of a medium. Some of the class referring to how a texts messages can be perceived differently from how the messenger intended it it to be read. Face- to - face communication being lost because of the vast communication platforms we have today. However, it remains to be the best form of communication as it can immediately be understood or explained. This also sparked conversation on how certain mediums are targeted for different audience. This means that certain medium platforms are used for a different range of messages. explains how certain social media sites are used for different forms of advertising and gives a guideline on how to use social media advertising.

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(1) (2) Kappelman, Todd. "Marshall McLuhan:‘The Medium is the Message’." Probe Ministries International (2001).

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