Thursday, 26 March 2015

Branding.... It's Harder Than it Looks

One of the first classes we took in Second Life was about branding and personal branding (link to reading; ). This links in with the project that we have assigned to do as we have to make a charity global and in doing this we need to brand the chosen charity/cause, as " branding is important"(1).  A long with setting up social networking sites for this charity ( ) we are planning on running an event on Second Life as we wanted to link our project into our class. However, branding for the charity I feel has been quite difficult and although we have set up networks to connect the charity to broader audience it has yet to develop any sort of following. This I am afraid will cause a lack of interest in our project and could affect the success of the event. Right now the group is working on how we will be able to approach and market our event idea* so it can gain Second Life users attention. We hope that by using the logo that incorporates the rose and connecting it to handing out roses that this will help to develop a brand identity. 

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(1) Mudambi, Susan. "Branding importance in business-to-business markets: Three buyer clusters." Industrial Marketing Management 31, no. 6 (2002): 525-533.

*The event idea is to  hand out roses to avatars in Second Life and ask them to walk around with it and give out 5 other rose to other people they meet and ask them to continue the challenge.

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