Monday, 23 March 2015

Selecting The Subject For Our Project

The group that I have been working with to make awareness of cystic fibrosis and the charity TLC4CF  (visit page here selected the chosen subject pretty quickly. I had researched a few charities but was most interested in using a charity that supported cystic fibrosis as it had affected someone in my life. I proposed the idea of choosing a charity that did this and possible using Cystic Fibrosis Ireland  ( to the rest of the group. Immediately all the girls seems interested but posed the question whether Cystic Fibrosis Ireland was already too well know and already had a lot of the communication and social media platforms that we wished to set up established. Elly, a first year Creative and Cultural Industry student, put forward the idea of using TLC4CF a local charity that supported cystic fibrosis and everyone was in agreement.

Although this was an efficient and time benefiting decision I feel it would of been beneficial to discuss the possibilities of what we could do for this charity (as in events, social media coverage, followers, branding etc ) and contrast it to what we could of done for another charity. It was  positive that it was a unanimous decision. However, it felt that it was the easiest decision as the group seemed to lack enthusiasm about discussing other possibilities. Perhaps, a better group discussion on different charity would of opened up the floor for different idea's but because of the pre-existing information on cystic fibrosis it dominated the discussion making. A more in-depth form of research on charity’s and everyone's contribution to this would of been more advantageous. I feel that more analysed, researched and prepared plan of action would have developed a better project. Rather, than a head first approach.  

Although there could of been some changed made to the initial development process I think the charity /cause we chose was a great decision and feel that the entire group is happy we made it and is making progress on the project.

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