Monday, 13 April 2015

It Takes Time..

Its been a hard few weeks since the american students went on their holiday break and a week later  in Ireland we did two. So communication has lacked somewhat for the project that we have been assigned to make a charity go global.  Maybe because lectures seem far from the picture when your on your holidays, you can relax, enjoy the sun and leave your worries far behind...or maybe you're desperately cramming to finalise your dissertation, studying for upcoming exams and letting the long sunny days watch you while your head deep in a laptop (I know I was anyway). Although its been hard to keep in contact with the group and constantly work together on the project. The two girls Kerri and Sophia were hard at it getting the red roses ready to hand out in Second Life to help our charity and cause go global. Finally, the time had come to get the long awaiting ball rolling and start handing out the roses.  But not without some glitches. Because the time difference between American and Ireland can become a bit of a hassle and ultimately results in the group having little time to actually spend together (which is really not ideal when trying make something known worldwide) which is no fault to anyone. However, this resulted in myself missing a meeting with the group and trying to figure out how to hand out roses to other avatars and endorse the cause. Not an ideal situation as my Second Life knowledge is really not that advance but thankfully I got there in the end. The hope is now that they it gets some kind of recognition. Although, I think even creating awareness to a few people would be worth it in the end.

The last few months has really shown how hard it actually is to get something out there for people to see. Even with the vast amount of technology that is out there the time and dedication it takes to endorse, brand and market something is never ending. The project has shown how much time it really would take to truly globalize something and the time that would have to be put into it would be immense. Its has shown how a group really has to come together and form a solid plan, applying resources and knowledge together to achieve the goal. As each of the team  members was given the responsibility to set up and manned a social networking site that was made for our charity I was given the responsibility of the . It really showed me how much effort it takes to keep on marketing something through social networking. I had never been a big social networking fanatic and never really understood the addiction to it. However, I have found a new form of respect for people that continuously brand and market themselves or products on social media. It is a lot harder than it looks.

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