Saturday, 18 April 2015

The End is Coming...

Yet again another week has come and gone. Classes are slowly becoming obsolete as project and assignments deadlines merge their ugly head upon us once again. The long summer evenings become the ultimate tease, luring us away from the ever pressing piles of work. Students itch at their desk dreaming of their long awaited summer holidays but somber mood quickly sticks to their wide smiles awaiting the dreaded exam hall. For some it will not be the last time, for certain lectures it will be a lifetime, for others it will be the end, as they step out onto the world with new prospects, new dreams, and a new future at their cusps. But first we must take all academic confidence, every piece of sweat, blood and tears that we have immersed into our work to prove that all our energy was worth it. For this module ( it will be a very feared presentation as we stumble, stutter and stammer through ours words. The challenge increased by the lectures expectations of an auditorium full of avatars that we have supposedly become 'friends' with. We'll ramble nervously about our group project that has taken a turn for the worst with little to no response from anyone spoken to. So the next few weeks remain the last bit of time to merge all efforts, all energy, all knowledge to create something that resembles the work, hardship and endless endeavors that have gone into the past months.


  1. You hit the nail on the head in regards to my feeling on the end of the semester! These presentations will definitely push us all out of our comfort zone because we really don't have much of an idea who is behind the avatars that will be watching us present. We also cannot really tell how they will perceive our presentation. Overall this should be a compelling way to end this semester long experiment with virtual worlds and online communication.

    1. Glad to hear that someone else also feels out of their comfort zone about the presentation too :). Good point you made about not knowing how others will perceive it as we don't know each other in RL and wont be able to see people's reactions to it. I agree a compelling way to end the semester indeed.