Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Endless Endeavour

The endeavour today was to try and spread red flowers with the motto 'hold a rose for cystic fibrosis' around Second life and try to make awareness for, not just our chosen charity, but cystic fibrosis in general.  I was all ready and had figured out how to share the rose faster than I was able to last time, I had my speech all written out  and was ready to find a place that was full of people to start sharing awareness, knowledge and insight into cystic fibrosis and our charity tlc4cf. But unfortunately it didn't all go to plan. Firstly I couldn't find anywhere that had people that would talk to me. They where so completely endorsed in their own conversation that I didn't seem to exist. However, I did just so happen to bump in to Dudley Dream Scape a lecturer of ours for virtual environment (see blog here  https://dudleydreamscape.wordpress.com/) and he was my saviour, advising and suggesting places that I could go to talk to people. So my hopes where lifted again and off I went on my adventure to spread awareness... 

But no....Smash, bang, boom, it all came crashing down in a petty poof of smoke. As I wandered around place after place, sending my message and sharing my rose. Not one person spoke to me or even made an attempt to acknowledge me. Until.. My conversation bar turned orange (which means I had a reply) after all the time I had spend roaming and trying to share I actually felt a little excited that someone had responded. This excitement was quickly stomped on, burned bright like a match only to turn to ashes. As I opened the message all I saw was a hateful message from a hateful person. 


was the only miserable, remorseless and hard-hearted message I had got all day.  

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